Carbon management, sustainable energy services

Helping climate conscious clients meet their emissions-reduction goals, and building on our oil and gas expertise by performing technical, commercial and strategic assessment of carbon and climate risks and opportunities, we can offer effective solutions to mitigate climate change depending on factors such as geography, asset mix (offshore/onshore, oil/gas, upstream/downstream), and local policies and practices (regulations, carbon pricing, the availability of renewables, and the central grid’s reliability and proximity). We assess different carbon management scenarios that are available to avoid, reduce, replace, offset or sequester CO2 equivalent emissions in a cost-effective, time-based manner to ensure continued compliance and competitiveness. These insights enable our clients to make informed decisions on project acquisitions, developments and investments. Our sustainable energy services also include feasibility studies, transaction due diligence, operational and risk assessment, project life cycle assessment and valuation. By evaluating technical feasibility of the project and associated costs, we provide recommendations on design and innovation, at any stage of project maturity to deliver high-value assessments for our clients.