Drilling one No. offshore delineation gas well near Kish Island (Called Kish well No. 3)


Drilling kish gas well no.3 which is the first offshore delineation well at kish gas field was performed for collecting excess information and for decreasing ambiguities of this field which is the third large reservoir gas field in Iran. To measure the extent of the field and assess its production within kangan- dalan reservoir and improve and increase the information required for spreading and developing the gas field.

This field is strategically very important since it increases gas production in the country and is the only independent large gas field in Persian Gulp .This well was regarded as a vertical well predicting its final depth as being about 4570 metres and a rat hole suitable for preparing hydrocarbon logging. The duration of drilling this well was less than one year. The coring and well testing during drilling was unique and all the intends of client were provided in its best way. The drilling was completed successfully on 14 Jan 2010.

The main targets of drilling kish gas well no.3.

  • The main target was assessment of carbonate stages of kangan and Dalan formation to determine the top of the reservoir.
  • Geometrical shape, Petro physical properties and horizontal and vertical connections.
  • Determining condensate yield for reservoir distance by well testing and PVT sampling.
  • Determining ability of production of kangan and Dalan reservoirs by performing corresponding tests.
  • Determining the quality of the properties of reservoir by logging and coring at selected distances of reservoir and careful determination of water free level.
  • Determining qualities of geological structure of reservoir by well logging.
  • Gaining information needed to assess the potentiality and real repletion of hydrocarbon inside reservoir.