Project to build 20 years outlook programming of marketing of National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC)


NIDC in order to increase its output and programming development of its revenue within the next 20 years has selected Mabna Company to arrange its mother program and KEP-Co to arrange its marketing program. Up to present the second phase of the project has been completed and the third phase is nearly going to start.

The purpose of this project is study, development and clearing up and recognizing NIDC markets being performed by KEP-Co.

Strategic priority and targets NIDC marketing:

  • Obtaining deserving share in world oil and gas market with regard to the development of world market finance and the area of oil financing.
  • Creating new market for oil products and oil and gas agent services while NIOC being as an axis.
  • Searching to reach all kinds of requirements and possible facilities independently and co-operation in all complementary Chain value circuits in oil and gas industries.
  • Creating area of motive development and development of oil and gas lateral industries and other energy industries by provision of crude material requirements regarding the national, local and international industries as priority.