Consultant in supervision of engineering projects of Tehran University


This projects was communicated in the month of December of the year of 2007 and continued up to the month of Oct of the year of 2009 (duration of 2 year).The  direct client of the project was general engineering department of refinery, Some parts of carried out by company supervision are as in the following.

  • Continuous work shop supervision.
  • Participation of work shop supervision agents in weekly meeting with contractors.
  • Participation in weekly meeting of project consultant management with general engineering management and project manager of general engineering department.
  • Climate conditions.
  • Quality control of the materials required by contractors and coming in and going out of the materials.
  • Executive difficulties of contractors, presenting proposals to solve the difficulties, following up and performance of the job.

List of the projects under supervision:

  • Project of making 94 tanks resistive.
  • Project of constructing electricity sub- centers, B, C, H, 2G, G and change of switches.
  • Project of improving catalyst system and filtration of NAFTA numbers 1 and 2 with nitrogen gas circulation.
  • Project of increasing capacity of tanks for continuous evacuation of boilers.
  • Project of installing 5000 asphalt barrel tank.
  • Project of designing and installing one amine unit air cooling apparatus.
  • Project of installing chloride absorbing vessels in south iso max unit.
  • Project of establishing pre constructed concrete wall.
  • Project of changing protective and controlling monitoring system of south power plant generator.
  • Project of installing measuring systems on south and north power plant generators.
  • Project of changing control board of the compressors of the refinery (water and steam).
  • Project of purchasing and installing and start of analyzers of the refinery (6 projects).
  • Project of designing, purchasing and installing and starting crude oil PD meter.
  • Project of installing and starting flow meters of Pasargad and Iran oil companies.
  • Project of constructing and installing illumination of tanks area.