Studying the conditions of oil establishments at Gotvand Dam Lake


By Construction of Gotvand Dam at Masjed Soleiman oil field, 3 production wells of Lali Field and one production well of karoon Field were drowned and a part of establishment of another two wells and their access roads were going nearly to be drowned, meanwhile the connection between north and south wells of the lake were cut, and as the result some disorders would have appeared in gas production of karoon field and exploitation from Bangestani wells.

Therefrom the study of the present oil establishments and programming to close the wells and arranging for security and safeties and construction of replaced establishments were awarded to KEP-Co by Ministry of power and Energy.

 KEP-Co during this consultancy contract by careful study of the mentioned condition of Laly and karoon fields the damages because of Gotvand Dam Laly were assessed and identified. 

KEP-Co experts by studying reservoir production and determining production program of Laly and karoon fields, while studying the present choices, the best way for production from these fields and the best economical choice for transferring north oil and gas to exploitation units were offered to the client.

KEP-Co in this project carefully performed the calculations of process and hidrolaqe simulation, also designed the base of all required surface establishments and all transfer pipe lines.

  KEP-Co program in this project included the closing and securing the drowned wells and complete study of the safety and analyzing the risks and environmental observations.

KEP-Co offered design and plan resulting 50 per cent decrease in expenses of construction of replacement establishment, and more rafted and better r.

KEP-Co proposal was approved by Ministry of Power and Energy and was agreed by National Iranian Oil Company and its performance is under investigation. The project is at final stages.