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About KEP-Co

Back ground of KEP-Co

KEP-Co by possessing high grades in upstream, surface and environment establishments granted by IRI President Deputy Management and Programing Supervision Organization, has been able to create searching information degree and arranged special training courses to the service of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical managers.

Concerning exploitation test in the wells with high pressure sweet and sour gases namely garden, shanool, and kish fields we have various positive experience.

  • Environmental monitoring of kish gas field.

Location: Offshore area of kish Gas Field.

Client: Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC).


  • Drilling one delineation kish well No. 3.

Location: offshore area of kish Gas Field.

Client: Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)


  • Project of making out 20 years outlook of marketing program of national Iranian drilling company (NIDC)

Location: Ahvaz, NIDC

Client: NIDC


  • Project supervision the engineering projects of Tehran Refinery.

Location: Tehran – Martyr Tond Gooyan Refinery.

Client: Tond Gooyan Refinery.


  • Drilling one DSO exploratory well to bury surplus refinery substances.

Location: Asaluyeh area stoppage and elimination of operation because of environmental problems.

Client: Pars Oil and Gas Company (P.O.G.C).



  • Participation in the tender of drilling 16 Geothermal wells.

Location: Meshkin Shahr

Client: New Energy Organization.

  • Plan of training the personnel of Salman Oil Platform.

Location: Lavan Islend.


  • Training course (Advanced Drilling Techniques)

Location: Kish Island


  • Studying the Conditions of Oil Establishments at Gotvand dam Lake.

Location: Ahvaz

Client: South Oil Fields Company


  • Execution of Training Courses of Specialist Engineers and active personnel of Soroosh and Nowrooz Platform.

Location: Kish Island

Client: SHELL Company