HSE Policy


Health, Safely and Environmental policy




Our activities are in the area of designing an engineering, provision of drilling equipment in the form of general contractor (GC) and management contract (MC) of the Oil and Gas Projects.

Our philosophy is elevation of health, safety and protection of  environment as axis value of company.

We share this outlook with customers, contractors and suppliers, as to act in a way not to damage anyone.

The main elements of this policy within the small and great targets frame of company are as follows.

Conformity with laws and regulations and obligations related to HSE.

Identifying the hazards and risk assessments, also  Identifying and evaluating environmental aspects in relation to Jobs and professions to control and decrease Their Offensive effects in order to prevent pollutions and hazards.

Elevation of understanding and execution of partnerships and responsibilities of personnel in HSE by arranging training courses.

Definition of communication mechanism with the groups of beneficiaries personnel, customers, contractors, suppliers and public and creation of common outlook at HSE.

With no doubt the personnel will follow obligations concerning HSE by using the directions and Regarding necessities while performing their duties.

company obligation to health, safety  and environment and to this policy is definite, and in all dimensions and addition to regard moralities by implementing designed programs, in the frame of an arranged and comprised management policy will protect safety and health of personnel, contractors, public, customers, and partners and environment.

Stabilization of HSE management system (HSE-MS) is designed in accordance to ISO 1400:2004

Ohsas 18001:2007

Edited policy after auditing HSE in management meetings will be put to access of publics.

This company is the originator of arranging the first HSE classes and courses in this country, also has had

 effective role in setting up the first HSE seminar

Mahmoud Sharifian

Chairman of the board and Managing director