Quality Policy



KEP-Co Possesses bright back ground and has Trained experienced personnel in from of an economic institution and following technical elements, Safety and Quality is active in designing and Engineering and provides equipments and drilling (EPD) in oil and gas projects.

KEP-Co believes that the necessity of delivering services during building up is possible by being present in national projects and in implementing new facilities in management. Therefore stabilizing quality management system (QMS) which should accord with ISO9001 , 2008 at all levels of the organization must be implemented , accompanied with execution of the required  rules and continuously ameliorate and effective to build up quality management system . The head lines of the quality policy are as follows.

  • Continuous training in order to improve personnel skills.
  • Using skills and Invasions and Partnership of personnel.
  • Monitoring and Management of quality targets and risks.
  • Implementation of projects in time schedule frame and the required quality level.
  • Provision of item and useful equipment suitable to the projects requirements.  

Please therefore find the following for implementation of company policies and development of company quality.


  • For Implementation and stabilization or quality management policy, managing director representative is assigned to report the Implementation or stabilization of the system.
  • The personnel should observe the policy and implement the required quality management factors at all levels of their Job.
  • This Policy Should be reviewed and revised repeatedly by management and Revised necessarily.


With Thanks

Mahmoud Sharifian

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director