Department of exploration and exploitation



Exploration and exploitation activities of Kep-co in brief.

Kep-co possesses the most skillful and experienced man power at the hydrocarbon exploration division, who consist of retired staff of oil and gas industries and the youth.

The exploration department consists of three main division as under mentioned.

1-Surface geology:

  • Stratigraphy  and paleontology
  • Tectonic and mineralogy

2-Sub – surface geology:

  • Provision of program for forecasting well geology to determine casing point at the top of formations.
  • Identification of rocks and petrography and paleontology and environment sedimentology interpretation.
  • Determining hydrocarbon points and change of logs and selection of exploitation sections for perforation and well tests and estimating the amount of daily production.
  • Preparation of final complementary report of the drilled well.

3- Petroleum and reservoir engineering include:

  • Petro physics and change of logs regarding kind of rock and porosity and permeability and kind of reservoir liquids (salt, water, gas, oil) and finally determining the contact level of gas and oil, and oil and salt water.
  • Exploitation from the fields by cooperation of skilled and specialized companies, under supervision of department of exploration.

Department of exploration and exploitation.