Oil and Gas Field Studies

Oil and gas field studies comprise a host of activities related to the development of oil and natural gas resources. These involve an initial screening study of the field, the culmination of which identifies, recommends and prioritizes potential target reservoirs for further study and possible development. Once favorable candidates are identified, prospective recoveries in a select base case is estimated and associated cash flows are prepared. Taking into account availability of drilling rigs and workover equipment, forecast scenario cases comprise optimal development plans, detailed tables for individual wells, potential recompletion candidates, infill or extension drilling-including directional wells- water injection or tertiary recovery in respect to operating constraints. Relying on these information, field-development life cycles and operational strategies to maximize rates of return and minimize overdevelopment are recommended.

Feasibility Studies and Reserves Evaluation

Relying on its extensive practical knowledge of sedimentary basins and hands-on experience with exploration and appraisal processes, and being fully acquainted with all aspects of asset value assurance, KEP-Co undertakes independent evaluations and audits, in compliance with well-established guidelines, to provide the necessary information to strengthen investment decisions. Reserves evaluation entails the process of forecasting future production profiles, anticipated to be commercially, economically and technically recoverable from producing and planned wells in designated oil and gas accumulations. Services range from single block screening and feasibility studies to larger multi area assessments and include: independent reserves evaluation, audit and/or review compliant to industry standards, resources assessment, competent person’s report (CPR), due diligence and value assurance.

Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

Dynamic reservoir modeling and simulation is considered a major tool to guide field development planning. It provides additional insight for making sound investment decisions regarding field development. Whether the objective is identifying infill drilling opportunities, optimizing a pressure maintenance program, evaluating changes to processing facilities, or improving gas storage operations, dynamic reservoir modeling enables better decision-making by helping predict complex reservoir behavior and field performance under diversified drilling and operating scenarios. Reservoir models developed by KEP-Co will put the project on the fast track, increase field efficiency, boost ultimate recoveries and improve overall economics.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

As oil and gas fields mature, drilling activity declines and enhanced oil recovery services become more important. State-of-the-art technology that affords improved identification or enhanced recovery of oil and gas is synonymous with greater production levels at lower costs. KEP-Co’s sophisticated analytical and consulting solutions for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) provides a comprehensive understanding of reservoir and advice on the best methodology, adapting it to the specific conditions of the reservoir under study, since every reservoir and EOR project has unique aspects. Our expertise and guidance will substantially reduce associated risks and uncertainties, while rapidly and efficiently characterizing all phases of the EOR project.

Environmental Assessment Of Oil and Gas Development Projects

Environmental assessment of oil and gas development projects entails the systematic process of identifying environmental consequences of development projects which assist decision makers to quantify impacts of their activities and plan for appropriate mitigation measures. The broad environmental issues faced by the oil and gas development projects include, but are not limited to habitat protection and biodiversity, air emissions, marine and freshwater discharges, incidents and oil spills, and soil and groundwater contamination. KEP-Co assist its clients in gathering, assessing, and then effectively acting on environmental information as a strategic part of their business operation, thereby providing invaluable insight on the actual or potential impacts of their operations on the environment, ranging from upstream to downstream, so that they can comply with regional, as well as international regulatory requirements.

Carbon Management, Sustainable Energy Services

Helping climate conscious clients meet their emissions-reduction goals, and building on our oil and gas expertise by performing technical, commercial and strategic assessment of carbon and climate risks and opportunities, we can offer effective solutions to mitigate climate change depending on factors such as geography, asset mix (offshore/onshore, oil/gas, upstream/downstream), and local policies and practices (regulations, carbon pricing, the availability of renewables, and the central grid’s reliability and proximity). We assess different carbon management scenarios that are available to avoid, reduce, replace, offset or sequester CO2 equivalent emissions in a cost-effective, time-based manner to ensure continued compliance and competitiveness. These insights enable our clients to make informed decisions on project acquisitions, developments and investments. Our sustainable energy services also include feasibility studies, transaction due diligence, operational and risk assessment, project life cycle assessment and valuation. By evaluating technical feasibility of the project and associated costs, we provide recommendations on design and innovation, at any stage of project maturity to deliver high-value assessments for our clients.